Saber's Will

Heavy flail made from Saber's Head.

weapon (melee)

Slightly heavier than a normal flail, this weapon was crafted using the head of a fallen Warforged named Saber. His head makes up the… well, the head of the flail. Other parts (namely parts of his leg) were used to make the hilt along with smelted adamantine from his body armor. It deals an additional +1 damage. Oddly it can not keep permanent enchantments, only temporary. Infusions however seem to be enhanced adding +1 effective CL to any weapon based infusion placed upon it. This basically means that infusions will last longer when applied to this weapon.


Saber was the leader of a team of agents sent by the Lord of Blades to obtain a journal. The journal was held by Bonal Geldam, a professor at the Morgrave University. His journal contained helpful clues to finding an ancient Cannith Forge where the first schema was located.

When defeated the group turned his body over to some bugbear smiths to have weapons created from his adamantine laced body. The weapons were of superior quality. The flail was just the first of several that they have created for the adventurers.

Saber's Will

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